Wirelexsoft  focuses on the development of applications and solutions for the wireless communications market. We provide products and professional services to wireless handset manufacturers, network operators and equipment vendors.

Instant Messaging and Presence

We provide Clients, Servers and Gateways, that support the industry standard protocols, as well as the emerging new protocols, such as the Wireless Village Protocol. Our product suite offers enhanced features to the Enterprise/Desktop user, and extends its capabilities to the mobile wireless platforms.  


  • Generic Wireless Village Compliant Clients for the Mobile Handset (for the WAP-enabled, and non-WAP enabled) and the Desktop PC.
  • Multi-protocol Desktop PC-based Clients (soon to be offered as a free download) supporting the Industry standard Instant Messaging protocols
Servers and Gateways
  • Inter-operable Enterprise Instant Messaging and Presences Servers, 
  • Gateways to inter-operate with various Industry Standard protocols (Yahoo, AOL, ICQ, MSN, and Wireless Village),
  • Connectivity modules to the Industry standard SMS Centres, WAP-Gateways, MMS Centres, Location Servers, and Presence Servers.

Wirelexsoft provides Services

Wirelexsoft can partners with customers to develop their own specific applications, or to customize our applications on their platforms. We offer our expertise for the service of our customers.



Upcoming Events

Wirelexsoft will soon offers its Multi-protocol Desktop Client as a free download (supporting: Yahoo, MSN, Wireless Village, AOL, and ICQ protocols). You can multi login on these servers from within the one Client.